Trailer for Box of Shadows, written by Scott Svatos and Mauro Borrelli. Release date: Summer 2011.

Box of Shadows website

Trailer for Stabbin Cabin, written and produced by Scott Svatos. Release date: Summer 2011.

Stabbin Cabin website

Stabbin Cabin

Stabbin Cabin website

Key art for Sucker, written by Scott Svatos, 2009. Sucker Movie

Sucker website

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These movies are a little dated now, but they were all the rage in 1996 when it was a major accomplishment to post a movie on the web the size of a business card. Now we're doing the same thing for cell phones and mobile devices. So maybe they aren't so dated after all...

Multimedia animation (Quicktime 10 MB).

Multimedia animation (500 K).

These short experiments in traditional media taught me to appreciate the power of digital and the pains of our analog forefathers.

Ink and paint animation (Quicktime 1.2 MB).

WAVES: 1997
Selection from 16mm film short (Quicktime 1.5 MB).